Space Marshals 2 

Space Marshals 2 is the follow up to Pixelbite’s 2015 space bandit shooter of the same name. This game is the perfect follow on to Space  Marshals, building on the aspects of stealth and gun fight tactics that were introduced in the first installment of this game. ​ Space Marshals 2 follows the blueprints layed in the first game very well. You will still find that … Continue reading Space Marshals 2 

Tiny Archers 

Tiny Archers, by 1DER Entertainment, is a fantasy action game that allows you to live out your dreams as a medieval bowman…if that’s your kind of thing. This won’t be a long review, more of a roundup, as it is quite a simple game with basic mechanics. Tiny Archers is available, for free, from the Google Play store.  Graphically the game is pretty cool. The … Continue reading Tiny Archers 


Run-a-Whale, bought to you by Guillaume Loquin, is a side scrolling, screen tapping runner game. Think Jungle Run or Jetpack Joyride but with a frickin’ whale and you’ll be somewhere close. This game is free to play on Android and, as per usual, is available to download from the Google Play store.  So let’s begin with the graphics. Il start by saying they are low poly. This, … Continue reading Run-a-Whale


So there I am. Scrolling through the Play Store for something to cheer me up on a grey, dreary Saturday afternoon and I spot this little title called Aqueducts, by uaJoyTech. Fundamentally, the game involves manoeuvring sections of aqueduct into position so that a water supply can be created. The game plays really well and the controls are really smooth. You will find that as … Continue reading Aqueducts