Fire Emblem Heroes 

This week I have been dedicating a lot of my time to the highly anticipated Fire Emblem Heroes, by Nintendo. The game has come a long way since its initial 1990 release on the NES and Fire Emblem Heroes most certainly doesn’t disappoint.  If you are unfamiliar with the series, the gameplay may seem confusing at first, but the slow progression of difficulty and helpful … Continue reading Fire Emblem Heroes 

Journey of HaHa…No, Seriously. 

Browsing through the Google play store yesterday I came across a game with an intriguing  name. The title in question is Journey of HaHa, developed by Tau Ceti Software. Here’s the thing…this game isn’t a joke. It’s seriously good. This top down puzzle solver sees you adopt the role of the story’s heroine: HaHa. And before you ask, that really is her name! The game is … Continue reading Journey of HaHa…No, Seriously. 

NVIDIA Shield – Best of 2017

This morning I thought I’d try something different and summarise the best titles available for the Nvidia Shield. First things first though. What actually is the Nvidia Shield? It is essentially a home entertainment system built by Nvidia and powered by Android. You can stream music, play games from the Google Play store and get news, sport and TV. All at your fingertips. It also allows … Continue reading NVIDIA Shield – Best of 2017

Pre-Registration for Fire Emblem Heroes & Super Mario Run

The Google Play store has opened pre-registration for Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run! What this means is that you will get a notification when the game is released. Unfortunately, registering does not grant you any other special privileges which is a bit lame but at least you will know straight away when these two hotly anticipated titles are available for your enjoyment on … Continue reading Pre-Registration for Fire Emblem Heroes & Super Mario Run