Soul Knight (Unreleased)

I spotted a post on my Twitter feed plugging Soul Knight, by ChillyRoom, and even though it is still presumably in development I thought I’d spend a few minutes on it. Obviously I haven’t spent anywhere nearly enough time playing it to give you a reliable review but I thought I’d share my initial thoughts.

Soul Knight

On first impressions this game has bucket loads of potential. It reminds me of hours spent on Super Smash TV on the SNES, and I had so much fun on the first few stages here. The graphics are blocky and colourful, which works here and looks really nice. The music is catchy and the sound effects are punchy and made me smile. I still can’t work why there is a black cat following me though…

This game looks crazy and I will give it a full review when I’ve had a chance to play it more. I’m predicting rage.



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