Light! & Crab War 

I picked up two games from the Google Play store last night – Light! and Crab War by Appxplore.


Light is a strange one. It describes itself as a casual reaction game. The developers have really run with the casual theme as the game is very accessible and easy to play. You control a node of light by tapping the screen to change direction. Four training levels introduce you to the play and controls very slowly. So slowly in fact that I thought that this was the sum total of the gaming experience.


After these stages, you enter what appears to be the actual game where things move a little faster, obstacles become more difficult to avoid and the stages don’t end. You rack up points until you hit something and die.

High Score

You’ll see from the pictures that the graphics are OK but if you look closely or have a big screen they are actually quite rough around the edges. The music is pleasant enough though.

Overall, there isn’t much to this game and it won’t challenge you at all if you are an experienced gamer. I’d say it’s worth a go if you like this sort of game (think Temple Run) as it’s free, but don’t expect anything groundbreaking.

Crab War

Now Crab War is a lot of fun. The passengers sitting opposite me on the train started looking uncomfortable when the speed of my screen tapping became so furious it looked like I might be having a seizure. The game sets the context with a quick story. Apparently reptiles drove the crabs underground where they became exposed to crystal radiation (lol) and became powerful enough to fight back.

Crystal Radiation….

The game mechanics are, again, simple. You tap the screen as fast as you can to spawn different types of crabs, each with varying damage dealing capabilities, to kill the huge reptiles that spawn at the top of the screen and progress one metre further. You gather crystals to unlock new crab types.


The graphics and sounds are really nice. The detail on the tiny crabs is really good to see and the developers have put slot of effort into giving this game something that keeps you playing. I find these tap apps rely very heavily on visual and audio engagement as they can become very boring very quickly if they look and sound bad due to the way that tap apps play. Although it is free to download there are the usual in game payments for crab upgrades and currency. I got stuck at a boss on 30 metres because my DPS wasn’t high enough to kill it in the time limit. It feels like paying to upgrade will become a necessity in order to keep progressing.

Overall Crab War was pretty fun and engaging and I’d say it’s definitely worth having a look at.



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