Shadow Bug Rush 

Shadow Bug Rush

Shadow Bug Rush, by Muro Studios, is a side scrolling, fast paced platformer with attitude. The game features randomly generating levels as you relentlessly slash your way through obstacles and various monsters which means this game can theoretically go on forever! Awesome.

Shadow Bug Rush

So what about the game itself? Anyone who is familiar with the Shadow Bug series will feel right at home here. The 1 finger controls haven’t changed and the art direction has stayed true to the original. Artistically,  I feel that this is one of my favourite games that I’ve played on Android. The deep black foreground with splashes of red is offset by a sumptuous and vibrant backdrop and it all looks fantastic, particularly on the Google Pixel’s screen. The sounds and music are of a high quality too and they certainly add to the satisfaction of killing enemies.

Shadow Bug Rush Graphics

The game play is fast and furious and you will find yourself struggling to put the game down. The controls are simple and all it takes is a touch on an enemy monster and your character swiftly destroys it with a satisfying slash! . The devs have cleverly set the rewards system so that it is quite easy to unlock new characters, so even on this free to play title, you feel sufficiently rewarded which only makes for a more addictive game. The characters that I have been able to unlock so far are fun to play and unlocking new enemies, like Muro, give higher scores and makes the play more varied. There are leader boards and achievements to unlock too. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the game played considering how fast everything is happening. There were no dropped frames and the game did exactly what I wanted it to do. Every time.

Although I like the concept of randomly generated, infinite levels, it does feel at times that you are constantly stuck on a treadmill. The puzzle variety is not what it could be, but this can be forgiven A) because it is a free to play title and B) because everything else about the game more than makes up for this minor shortfall. I would definitely give this game your attention as it is a very rewarding and satisfying experience.



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