February 2017 Play List

As we enter the last week of January 2017, I look back on it with a touch of horror (you all know what I’m talking about and it isn’t that the recent Global Game Jam has come to an end),  but also an overwhelming sense of happiness and enthusiasm for the year to come. I started this blog in January as a sort of new years reoslution to myself. I wanted to get back into gaming, as they had gone by the wayside in recent years, but I also wanted to write about what I was playing. I wanted to give something of value to anyone who could be bothered to read what I had to offer. What I have given so far is some, hopefully, useful advice about games available on the Android.

Ive played some great titles this month, which wouldn’t have happened had I not started this blog. I have got to grips with games like Castle Creeps TD, Oceanhorn, Paper Wings and Shadow Bug Rush, to name but a few. Looking forward though, what can you expect from this page?

This coming week I am away for work, so away from all the responsibilities of home, meaning I can spend all of my spare time gaming and writing! Hooray! This week I’ve primed my device with three titles:

1. Wild Blood – £0.10

Wild Blood, by Gameloft, is available on the Google Play Store for 10 pence! A Freddo used to cost 10 pence. You will understand my astonishment of a video game costing more than a pre-naughties Freddo if you are in your early thirties/late twenties and live in the UK. Im not too sure what this game is about yet, but the price alone and the trailer on the Play Store intrigued me enough to grab it. I will let you guys know what it’s like over the coming days. In the meantime, why not check out the trailer below:

2. Monument Valley – £2.99

This game grabbed my eye before I’d started this blog. Monument Valley, by ustwo games, is a simply magical looking little game. It looks like you will be manipulating the environment to solve puzzles but it also seems that some quirky optical illusions  will play a part in the problem solving. This game has rave reviews on the Google Play Store so I’m expecting a lot. Give the trailer below a watch and I will make sure to publish my review of this game once I’ve given it the time it looks like it deserves.

3. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light – £2.99

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light, by SQUARE ENIX Ltd, has much to live up to. I remeber back in the day on Tomb Raider locking the poor butler in the freezer, keeping him in there until his icy tomb took him. Those were the days. Anyway…enough of the nostalgia. I bought this game because the trailer showed what looked like a pretty decent attempt at a Tomb Raider game. Puzzles, dual wielding pistols and big, BIG jumps. What more could you want? The story looks like it’s set in Central America and hunting for something called the Mirror of Smoke. I’m expecting Aztec temples riddled with booby-traps and weird looking enemies wearing nothing but loin cloths and head dresses.

So this is what you can expect over the coming week. There will probably be some other titles thrown in there when I find them but in the meantime keep your eyes peeled for my reviews of these games!



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