All Aboard! Next Stop..FUN!

So the guys at PixelPixelStudios got in touch with me recently to see if I’d be up for reviewing their new game Choo Choo.

I took them up on the offer and to be honest I’m glad I did. In this game you have to tap to change the tracks to avoid rail blocks and keep your little steam engine going. The concept is quite simple but the reality is far from it. There is no easing into this game. You’re immediately thrown in at the deep end, manically tapping to keep your train a chuggin’.

Choo Choo

The graphics are minecraft-esque and are really refreshing, but the jewel in the crown of this game is the music. It’s not often that I turn off what I’m listening to in order to listen to game music. The track, Bella Belle by Electric Swing Circus, goes perfectly with the game. It’s like fish and chips or  wine and cheese. It just works. Beautifully.

There isn’t really much more to say apart from to get this free to play title as soon as you can. You’ll fall in love with it quicker than you can sing ‘soft and smooth like caramel’ but it will drive you crazy just as quickly. A word of warning…You won’t be able to put it down.



2 thoughts on “All Aboard! Next Stop..FUN!

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