Goo Saga 

You might have noticed I’ve been out of action for the past week or so. Crashing your car really is one of the most annoying, pain in the arse things that can happen! My neck hurt a bit…But not as much as my bank account. Anyway…Enough about me. This isn’t one of those life blogs.

So this week I’ve been playing Goo Saga by Toka Loka Games. I bought it for 10p on the Google Play Store. The title says it all really. You play a ball of goo, and work your way through stages of increasing difficulty. The premise of the story is that you are seeking your creator, to find the purpose of your existence. It’s a simple story line and it isn’t over played with the focus very much on the solid platforming that you will enjoy.

The gameplay itself feels very polished and I didn’t experience any dodgy mechanics or flaky controls at all. The control system is very easy to pick up and it is simple to make your character do the things you want it to do – Something which really annoys me when it isnt done right! Slamming down on enemies is really staisfying and manouvering boxes or activating levers is really easy. You find that as you progress through the stages, it becomes more and more important to utilise your environment if you want to get to the end of the level. Thinking about Goo Saga retrospectively it is actually  a joy to play and the high quality, responsive controls and environment play a big part in this.

Goo Saga

The graphics too are very easy on the eye. Collecting coloured gems within the levels makes your character change colour, and the background graphics have been animated to add a little bit of sparkle to an already very attractive game. I really like the colour palate and stylistically this game is extremely pleasing. Enemies glow, lights flicker and the environment looks really nice with clean graphics everywhere.

There is also a decent attempt at sound effects, music and voice acting. The developers at Toka Loka have been really attentive to the small details in this game and it shows in the final product. One slight issue I had is that I kept getting an error message saying the game had crashed…It hadn’t, but it was still a bit annoying.

There are also a number of boss fights in the game which use some clever mechanics as the difficulty ramps up towards the end. I won’t talk too much about the bosses as I don’t want to ruin them for you.

Boss Fight

Overall, Goo Saga is a very polished platform game. The control system is flawless and the graphics are of a very high quality. You can tell just by play playing through the initial stages that a lot of care has gone into developing this title. If you’re a fan of platformers, then I would definitely reccommend giving Goo Saga a go. Hey, even if you don’t like platformers that much it is still worth picking up for the pricetag alone.



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