So there I am. Scrolling through the Play Store for something to cheer me up on a grey, dreary Saturday afternoon and I spot this little title called Aqueducts, by uaJoyTech. Fundamentally, the game involves manoeuvring sections of aqueduct into position so that a water supply can be created. The game plays really well and the controls are really smooth. You will find that as soon as you pick this game up you will notice how well the controls work. This is key to making this game work, as clunky controls that cause frequent mistakes in moving pieces would really ruin it. The developers have done a truly brilliant job on the controls and even though they are simple, they would be so easy to get wrong.

Aqueducts Puzzle

Theres not much to the actual game play. You begin with some quite simple puzzles and a limited amount of moves to connect the water supply successfully. This doesn’t change for a few stages until new types start cropping up where you have a limited amount of water, trickling away slowly, giving you unlimited moves but a short amount of time. From there on in, the difficulty of the levels ramp up.


Where this game really stands out are the graphics, particularly the lighting, and the sound effects. The developers have employed some seriously cool artwork here and I found myself sometimes just looking and thinking how beautiful some of the stages were. The sound effects complement the graphics and nothing about this game seems intrusive. It is actually quite a relaxing playing experience (except on some of the fast pace timed stages) and I can definitely say you wont find yourself getting more and more stressed as you play…like with some games.

One issue I have with this game is that even though I haven’t finished it yet, I have only played for about an hour or so so it is quite short. This game could benefit from some extra stages or increased difficulty settings to allow for more replay ability.

Overall I am really glad I picked this title up. I have about 4 stages of the 10 to play and I will most certainly be completing them. Best part is, it’s F2P and it doesn’t feel like it when you’re playing! If puzzle gaming is your thing, then you should definitely swing by the Google Play Store and pick it up. I have checked the App Store and it looks like its £1.99. In my opinion this still represents good value for money.



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