Run-a-Whale, bought to you by Guillaume Loquin, is a side scrolling, screen tapping runner game. Think Jungle Run or Jetpack Joyride but with a frickin’ whale and you’ll be somewhere close. This game is free to play on Android and, as per usual, is available to download from the Google Play store. 


So let’s begin with the graphics. Il start by saying they are low poly. This, however, does not mean low quality. The graphics and artwork is executed very well indeed. The colours are bright and vivid, as you can see from the game images, and the characters are playful and responsive. The 60 FPS helps the game run very smoothly and to date I am yet to experience dropped frames or graphical issues when playing Run-a-Whale. Overall I would say that graphically, Run-a-Whale is a success. 

Next, the controls. They are as simple as they come. Tapping the screen causes your whale and rider, a pirate type character, to dive underwater. Releasing the screen tap makes them surface. Now sure you can go through the game simply tapping and diving, but where is the fun in that? In Run-a-Whale, you can tap strategically to build momentum. This allows you to jump out of the water, over objects, under explosives or crash through structures sending NPC’s flying. 

The game itself consists of objectives to complete while you try and ride your whale to a new distance record. This includes gathering coins, scaring seagulls, picking up certain items or playing chicken with your air supply. There are also a small number of mini bosses in the game. These additional objectives really give the game good longevity and will have you playing for hours. Best of all, they’re fun to complete and not just a side thought that was added during development. 

I don’t really have much negative feedback for this game. Graphically it is great, the controls are responsive and user friendly and the gameplay is simple but engaging. The developers have succeeded in bringing a new feel to this genre of game with the low poly graphics, fun characters and fresh setting. This game is definitely worth picking up and I give it a solid 8/10. You’ll have a Whale of a time….



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