Tiny Archers 

Tiny Archers, by 1DER Entertainment, is a fantasy action game that allows you to live out your dreams as a medieval bowman…if that’s your kind of thing. This won’t be a long review, more of a roundup, as it is quite a simple game with basic mechanics. Tiny Archers is available, for free, from the Google Play store. 

Tiny Archers

Graphically the game is pretty cool. The colours are bright and vivid and the character and environment design is very good indeed and quite cartoon like. In my opinion this is the best thing about this game. It feels a bit like a Shrek set. The character actions are also pretty smart, drawing your arrow and sending it flying into the skull of a goblin is very satisfying, and there are Skyrim-esque headshot cams on certain shots which follows the arrow through the air. Nice. The sound effects and voice acting are also OK, but nothing special. They do a job, but to be honest I played this mostly with my own music on. 

Tiny Archers Graveyard Level

There is quite a lot to do in this game. There are four character storylines to play through, different environment settings with new enemeies and leaderboards to pit yourself against your friends or randoms on the internet…There are also different difficulty settings and a pretty awesome survival mode.  However, be prepared to watch ads for the best items.

The controls are basic, but they do what they are supposed to do. I cannot fault them. You tap your screen to align a shot, then release your finger to let your arrows fly! There is a helpful arrow guide that will help you perfect your headshot technique. One good thing I noticed was that you can turn on child friendly settings which removes blood and exploding corpses. A nice touch to appeal to a wider audience. 

Great Graphics & Art

Overall Tiny Archers is a solid game, with some very good, satisfying gameplay and beautifully designed environments. It can get a bit old quickly but it definitely will allow you to enjoyably kill a bit of time. 




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