Space Marshals 2 

Space Marshals 2 is the follow up to Pixelbite’s 2015 space bandit shooter of the same name. This game is the perfect follow on to Space  Marshals, building on the aspects of stealth and gun fight tactics that were introduced in the first installment of this game. ​

Space Marshals 2 follows the blueprints layed in the first game very well. You will still find that you spend most of your time crouching behind cover to get the perfect shot, sneaking up behind enemies to kill them silently and gathering a frightening arsenal of guns and explosives. 

One thing I did notice is that ​Space Marshals 2 has taken the basic foundations from ​Space Marshals  and polished them up. The movement feels more natural, shooting is more satisfying and the environments and missions are more challenging and longer than before. There are also brand new weapons and armour, as well as new mechanics for the tactically adept amongst us to sink their teeth into. In my humble opinion, this is a really polished game, and the Devs have done a great job to improve on what was already a solid game in ​Space Marshals. 

The graphics are really very good for a top down shooter for mobile. You will notice immediately how good the lighting is as your swish you torch back and forth and the lights flicker on the walls. The colour pallette used for the character and environment design is really nice. I feel that a more gritty, dark artistic approach would have ruined the game for me. What do you think? 

The sound effects too are really good and the scripting of the scenes is OK. It would be great if the depth of storyline could be improved but this a minor flaw that the rest of the game more than makes up for in visuals, gameplay, tactical thinking and most of all – fun. 

I’m going to mention the level design as it is superb, and is probably the biggest improvement on ​Space Marshals. Pixelbite have beefed up the level size which makes the game feel like it has more about it this time round. There are now multiple tiers within the levels, which, if you’re clever can use to your advantage. You might find yourself in a sewer one minute, and on top of a building the next. There are also things to unlock in some levels which will see you returning once you have more gear and better guns. 

Overall, I really enjoyed playing ​Space Marshals 2. It has built on the original game in the series and improved it in almost every aspect. This game deserves an 8.5/10. If you are into frenetic space shooters, or ever saw yourself as a bit of a space Sheriff, then this game is definitely for you. 



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