About This Blog Thing

Like me, you’re probably here because you love playing video games but you’ve run out of inspiration.

Scrolling through the play store your eyes glaze over and mind goes blank as the usual suspects stare back at you. This has to stop. But what can I play? You scream. Fear not, friends. App Junkie is here to do the boring work for you. I play the titles that suck so you don’t have to.

Here you will find reviews of some of the games that I have been playing recently. They will mostly be games that I have enjoyed, because who likes playing and then writing about a game they thought was rubbish?. Not me! Best part is, I’m not payed for doing this so I am completely impartial. You might disagree with what I have to say but what I do say is honest. So, come, my friends, let us begin our adventure together.