Journey of HaHa

Browsing through the Google play store yesterday I came across a game with an intriguing  name. The title in question is Journey of HaHa, developed by Tau Ceti Software. Here’s the thing…this game isn’t a joke. It’s seriously good. This top down puzzle solver sees you adopt the role of the story’s heroine: HaHa. And before you ask, that really is her name! The game is … Continue reading Journey of HaHa

A Normal Lost Phone – Who Is Sam & What Does He Want? 

A new game caught my eye recently. It is called A Normal Lost Phone and it is the brainchild of French indie developer Accidental Queens. You can get it now on the Google Play store for £2.29. In this title you find a smartphone on the pavement belonging to a chap called Sam. I won’t ruin the game play, as it’s very quirky and unique, … Continue reading A Normal Lost Phone – Who Is Sam & What Does He Want? 

Soul Knight (Unreleased)

I spotted a post on my Twitter feed plugging Soul Knight, by ChillyRoom, and even though it is still presumably in development I thought I’d spend a few minutes on it. Obviously I haven’t spent anywhere nearly enough time playing it to give you a reliable review but I thought I’d share my initial thoughts. On first impressions this game has bucket loads of potential. … Continue reading Soul Knight (Unreleased)