Who Is Sam & What Does He Want? 

A new game caught my eye recently. It is called A Normal Lost Phone and it is the brainchild of French indie developer Accidental Queens. You can get it now on the Google Play store for £2.29. In this title you find a smartphone on the pavement belonging to a chap called Sam. I won’t ruin the game play, as it’s very quirky and unique, … Continue reading Who Is Sam & What Does He Want? 

Reality Is Mere Perception 

Have you ever looked at the world around you and wandered if what you were seeing was really there? It’s not often a game kicks off a deep philosophical thought process for me, but Monument Valley, available from the Google Play store for £2.99, most certainly did. You play the character of Ida the Silent Princess and there are 10 chapters of increasing complexity  to … Continue reading Reality Is Mere Perception 


So today folks I’ve been playing Magic Rampage, by Asantee and Castle Creeps TD, by Outplay Entertainment Ltd. Both games are available for free from the Google Play store. Magic Rampage Magic Rampage is a hack and slash platform title. There are a number of classes to choose from and these include your fantasy staples like Paladin, Warrior, Mage or Druid.  I decided to go with the … Continue reading Chaaaarge! 

Bug Me Baby 

Shadow Bug Rush Shadow Bug Rush, by Muro Studios, is a side scrolling, fast paced platformer with attitude. The game features randomly generating levels as you relentlessly slash your way through obstacles and various monsters which means this game can theoretically go on forever! Awesome. So what about the game itself? Anyone who is familiar with the Shadow Bug series will feel right at home … Continue reading Bug Me Baby